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We require that you pay on the 1st class day of each month if paying cash.  However, if paying by online QB invoice it must be paid by the 5th of the month due to bank processing time.
​An automatic $25.00 late fee will be added to your account after the 5th of the month. 
​Absences do not waive late fees. An automatic $50.00 check fee
will be charged for all returned checks. For your convenience and for ours, we charge a flat rate
per month. We do not adjust for months with more or less than 4 lessons, classes cancelled due
to bad weather, natural disasters, acts of God or for absences. We do not give cash refunds! We do not accept Credit Cards unless it is for amounts larger than $300.00 due to processing time and fees.
Costume/Recital Fee:
A $75.00 Costume Deposit per class is due anytime before the 1st week in Nov. This costume
will be worn in our annual Recital in May. All costume deposits are non-refundable. The total
cost of a Recital Costume is between $75.00 – 85.00 dollars (excluding competition team
costumes). Therefore, you will have a small balance due. All Child XL or XL Adult costumes are
an additional $5.00-$10.00. No costume will be ordered for your child unless your deposit has
been paid and your monthly account is current. Furthermore, costumes will not be released unless your account is current with Star Makers Studio even if costume balance has been paid in full.  
If your child drops after a costume has been ordered no refund or costume will be given due to administrative fees from the Costume Vendors. However, the balance will still be due. You must order a costume to perform in the Recital. There is no admission charge for the Recital. However, a $50.00 per child Recital Fee is due by Jan. 31st.  All accounts must be cleared before Dress Rehearsal! If a Competition Student should drop from the Team before Recital they will still be held responsible for tuition 
through May. Competition Team’s Costume Deposit is due by the 1st week in Oct.
Due to past non-payments on accounts, no student will be allowed to rehearse in the Dress
Rehearsal or perform in the Recital unless their account is cleared before Dress Rehearsal.
There is no exception to this rule! Competition Team Members will be dismissed from the Team
for not attending the following: Competition Events, Picture Day, Rehearsal or Recital.

Your first class is $60.00 per month. Each additional class is discounted $10.00 per class.
 For example: 1 Class - $60.00, 2 Classes - $110.00 instead of $120.00, 3 Classes - $160.00
 instead of $180.00. There is also a discount for paying your tuition 1 year in advance - (Sept. -
 May) along with family discounts. Discounts do not apply to Competition Team tuition. ​
 Monthly discounts & Yearly discounts can not be combined!  
​This offer applies only to tuition and must be paid before your first class day.
The discount for advance payment is 20% off regular priced tuition for 1 year.
​Due to this discount…payment is non-refundable! 
​If paid after 1st month of class the discount is only 10%.

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